Kyle & Heather | Wedding

I was so delighted and honored to be apart of Kyle and Heather’s special day. Thankful for good friends to start a great connection. Kyle and Heather met each other while being stationed in Alaska. Both are active duty in the Air Force decided to get married in Colorado at the Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel. It was my first time shooting there and it was absolutley beautiful.  It was so wonderful to have just met this couple, and getting the privilege to hear their love story at the reception. You could just tell and hear in their family and friends voices’ that they were meant to be. Thank you both for serving and thank you even more for letting me capture your wonderful day.

Greenup/Maeger Wedding1Greenup/Maeger Wedding2Greenup/Maeger Wedding3Greenup/Maeger Wedding4Greenup/Maeger Wedding5Greenup/Maeger Wedding6Greenup/Maeger Wedding7Greenup/Maeger Wedding8Greenup/Maeger Wedding9Greenup/Maeger Wedding10Greenup/Maeger Wedding11

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