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“In the beginning of the Bible, the first story ever told was over the course of 7 days. It describes the process of God making the multi-color sky. Swirling together the rolling ocean. Molding the flyers, the land-walkers, the crawlers, and sea-swimmers. Sketching together the stretching trees and climbing plants. Intricately piling the magnificent mountains that never cease to take my breath away. And lastly birthing the picture of the flesh, eyelashes, fingers, dimples, hearts, and minds that make up one human being. God, in the very first story ever told, was an artist. He drew and painted and sculpted the world into motion. And when he looked over all of it when His work was finished, He said it was good. I want to be able to capture that one moment God had within the lense of a camera. I was created by an artist, therefore I create art. I believe in the power of expression and the freedom and perspective it gives to those who are love-deprived. I will be a spreader of redeeming justice. I will immerse myself in the place where heaven meets earth. I will further the Kingdom through everything I do, and I will be a walking, breathing, picture-taking being of light and redemption as a witness to those who are lost. I want God to look upon the face of a radical revolutionist and breathe life into my art. I want Him to look at what I have done, and I want him to say, “It is good.”

For any questions or interested in booking a shoot, feel free to email me at   josheddings@me.com


One thought on “a little bit about myself….

  1. Josh I Love what you are doing here and I love your pictures. When we work for God’s purposes something amazing happenes in our lives and the lives of others. Keep it up and you will do amazing things.
    Chris Sewell

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