Nicole & Andrew | Wedding

Nicole is one of my really great friends who has such a great sense of humor. We’ve known each other for almost 2 years now. We met on a mill road trip event to the Passion conferences in Ft. Worth, TX last year. There was about 50 of us that went and it ended up being such a great trip. From then, we got to hang out from mutual friends and seeing each other at the mill. After that summer when Nicole came back from her missions trip from Nepal, we really got to know each other and hang out. Just discussing life, laughs, problems, and so on and so forth. I did a photo shoot of Nicole a while back and Nicole just knew I had to do her wedding & engagements! She didn’t even know Andrew at the time when she told me! Shortly after though, Nicole met Andrew and was in just absolute love. When I finally met him, I could tell he was the one for Nicole. To handle all her laughs, adventures, craziness, and heart of love. It was such an honor and privilege to capture their beautiful day! It was at a perfect sunny day out in Black Forest at the Pinery. Photo credit for some of these pictures goes to my friend Josh Cuchiara. I really hope you enjoy these pictures as I know Nicole has. Be on the look out VERY soon for a new post from a wedding I did the day before Nicole’s!

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