Ronnie Austin & Mandy May | Wedding

A few months ago, Mandy had asked if I would like to help with the photography at her wedding. Immediately I was thrilled to be apart of something so beautiful. As my first wedding, I defiantly learned a lot, but was pleased at the outcome. Mandy had just graduated from the Furnace this past spring, and Ronnie is on staff with _DSM. They both share a love of living a healthy lifestyle, along with sharing the love of Jesus to everyone they come across. I had the privilege to work with the amazing Ms. Annie Decker on this shoot. We had such a blast and got to whitness such a beautiful act of commitment. Hope you enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Ronnie Austin & Mandy May | Wedding

  1. Pictures are awesome. Looks like the people are loose and comfortable. I would suggest you do more work haha. The picture with the two kids is pretty cool too. Nice work man hopefully you can get more!!

  2. Your doing an awesome job so far man. A few things to work out technically, but it’s all good haha. Your work is definitely coming along. You can tell that your photographic maturity is starting to develop more from point and shoot to actually taking into account for light, focus, ect. Keep it up man. We’re gonna have to collaborate soon for a shoot.

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